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★ Tatt2Away is the all-natural, non-laser tattoo removal system that   uses the bodies natural healing process to remove ink from skin  ★

Unlike laser, Tatt2Away works with the body’s natural healing process to lift pigment out of the skin. The treatment uses a proprietary process to liberate the old ink from your skin, which is drawn into a scab and removed. When the scab is gone (10 to 21 days), so is the ink. Best of all, the process is effective on all colors of ink – it’s “colorblind.”
Tatt2Away is less painful than LASER, requires less sessions and is less expensive.

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How It Works

Tatt2Away® tattoo removal system is similar to the tattooing process. A rotary handpiece machine is used to lightly abrade the skin disrupting  inked tissue and suffusing Teprsol® fluid to a precise depth.
Teprsol® is all natural and meets vegan standards. The treatment triggers the bodies natural healing response trapping old ink in a debris scab and removing it from the skin.

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Tatt2Away removes tattoos piecemeal, like removing unconnected pieces from a puzzle. The first three treatments remove most of the tattoo. One or two treatments afterwards to remove remaining ink.

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Remove unwanted elements of a tattoo

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 Selectively removing parts of the tattoo can give you better options for a cover-up

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